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  1. Fleetwood mac 45 об/мин виниловые пластинки | eBay
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  3. Fleetwood Mac: "Rumours" -- Hoffman/Gray mastered 45 RPM and 33 RPM vinyl discussion and review...
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Made in U. Limited edition of Heavy g vinyl pressing. Barcode Text: Really excellent mastering on this pressing. Easily the best sounding vinyl version of this album ever released. However, 2 out of the 4 sides on my copy were pressed off-center.

Anybody else have this issue??? Reply Notify me Helpful. Great reissue in terms of sound and mastering, but my pressing from US contains lot of surface noise. Too bad There are over versions of this record available This pressing beats all other pressings in the alley and takes their lunch money. DJ-Flex February 17, Report. Virtually zero surface noise and superb sound. It's cleaner and more precise sounding than the Nautilus Disc.

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I'd highly recommend it. Mine had some noise too. All vinyl, even new needs to be cleaned to get the quietest surface. A good record cleaning machine will do wonders for the sound. Reply Notify me 3 Helpful.

Fleetwood mac 45 об/мин виниловые пластинки | eBay

Just a heads up. I've listened to this album more times on vinyl, CD and Flac than I care to admit. Listening to this pressing was like listening to the album for the first time. The detail, separation and soundstage and truly wonderful. This is a brilliant master of a classic album. You can put all your other copies away. I can confidently say that this is the best you'll ever hear.

Perhaps others had the same issues as I that some of these pressings are faulty? Greg I am always on the look out for reviews about superior sounding vinyl pressings. In that process this version of the Rumours album came up. I wanted to get another high quality LP to use as a test for the cartridge performance. So I ordered this album.

So very glad I did. I must say this copy of the Rumours stands up well to the best of them. I am so impressed. Love this album, everything sounds so clear and distinct and natural.

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Highly recommend this copy. You will not regret buying it. And it will impress you and all who have the good fortune to hear it. Love It. Great Pressing. Lymbo90 As usual, Acoustic Sounds delivers a great product. The pressing I received was stellar. Best sounding Rumours I've heard. No problems at all. Michael I was never a fan of this era of Fleetwood Mac. When I first heard this album I thought there was too much of a pop sound. I was more into bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath at the time. Now in listening to this on vinyl, on this specific version I am blown away by the layers of sound and the terrific song writing.

This is such a beautifully crafted double LP. From the artwork to the vinyl it's all perfect. This deserves every 5 star review it receives. Since this is a limited edition I would buy this version before it's too late. Brett Ok Second attempt at reviewing this. Never heard such a mess on a new record. With so many conflicting reviews on this site, it was a gamble.

I lost, big time! Hideous groove noise, scratching grinding and ruining my stylus. If you don't like my reviews of this then contact me via my email and we can discuss a return, but don't block my reviews. And that's not all! The label on one is so badly aligned that the run-out groove is redundant. Shocking quality assurance Well, this must be a problem with a hand full of pressings because I did not find that to be the case with my copy Charles L.

Cooper This version of the venerable sophomore release of the Buckingham-Nicks iteration of Fleetwood Mac is by far the best available. Prior to adding this version to my library, my original pressing, which I picked up in , was the best that I had heard. At 45 RPM the dynamic range of this recording is quite astounding and the 3 dimensionality of the soundstate is incredible. Very much worth picking up if you are into Fleetwood Mac in any incarnation. Analog Frontend: Theil CS Ted I was 10 years old when this album was released. My parents bought the 8-track and we wore that thing out.

I've had the cd for years - sounded just fine. However, after listening to this pressing, the cd pales in comparison.

When you know an album as I do this one, and you hear detail that you've never heard before, it's like hearing it for the first time. Buy it, listen by yourself at first and enjoy!

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Great pressing Andy I am not a huge fleetwood mac fan but, I do enjoy them. I mainly purchased this record based on the reviews here. This record is very high quality. I was very impressed with it. It sounds great. One of the best sounding records I have had the pleasure to listen to. This one is the best sounding by far. The Natalus recording is competent and sound better. T his new one has more high frequency detail as well as a tighter and more defined bass line. I would recommend to any Fleetwood Mac fan. You will hear the music anew. Great Sound!!

Bret Miller I read all the reviews, how anyone thinks this pressing if flawed?? It has a nice tonal balance on my system. Just jumps out! Renowned for its production, this twin 45 copy just sends it stratospheric. I don't need to say anything about the music, I'm sure anyone reading this knows all about that, which stands up well, without question. Go and get it Ron O. The 33 was quite impressive but the 45 was incredible.

Sounds like it was recorded yesterday. Highly recommended. Dennis Poggenburg Having listened to the 45 rpm issue upon release I thought it sounded great. I was troubled to read two reviewers subsequently claiming side one was mastered at the wrong speed. I compared the 45 rpm issue with the original US pressing. And instead of my ears, I used my guitar. To be fair, I understand there is a dubious 45 rpm pressing that came out of Eastern Europe; I do NOT know if that pressing has a problem and whether it was that pressing they reviewed.

I can assure anyone reading this, however, that Side 1 of the U. Pressing was NOT mastered at the wrong speed. If you are thinking of buying this record, Do It!! Yes, It's a pain in the ass to turn the record over 4 times to listen to one single length album, but the sound quality of this pressing at 45 rpm rivals any audiophile pressing I have ever listened to, maybe even the six MOFI UHQR's I own. The bass response achieved by the 45 rpm speed is nothing short of astounding and the rest of the sound spectrum is at least the equal of any audiophile pressing.

This record is what listening to recorded music is all about. Better than any CD Not as good as originals. This Sonic Transfer Is Unbelievable!!! With approx pressed at 45 rpm this is a must buy! The sonics are in your face incredible! Can anyone out there hear? AC Out of all these stellar reviews, it's interesting disturbing?

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  4. Fleetwood Mac Rumours 180g 45rpm Deluxe Edition 2LP.
  5. Yes, the sound of this 45 is excellent, and I'm not sorry I bought it, but I am very disappointed that the first 3 songs on side 1 which some may argue are the best were mastered entirely at the wrong speed. They realized their mistake by the time they got around to "Don't Stop" and "Go Your Own Way," but were obviously too cheap to go back and fix the initial error on the first 3 tracks.

    As a paying customer expecting the best, I was not impressed.

    Fleetwood Mac: "Rumours" -- Hoffman/Gray mastered 45 RPM and 33 RPM vinyl discussion and review...

    I guess they figured nobody would notice. Well, it looks like nobody did--except myself and Mr. Kudos to you bud. If you like Alvin and The Chipmunks, you'll love the first three tracks, folks.

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    Greatly anticipated the 45rpm Rumors. I thought the tracks with bass and drums sounded like a bad mix. If you read the history of the original recording this may explain the trouble they had remastering the tracks with drums and bass. Other than that, the 45rpm reissue is quite superior. The reissue is more resolved, richer, and it's buttery smooth, with more air, extension and far more soundstage depth, and greater large scale dynamics. The original has a bit more immediacy and urgency while the soundstage is more upfront.

    This benefits "Second Hand News" and even "Dreams. The rhythmic backbeat of the snare on "Dreams" also propels that song more along better, to me, than the reissue. On the other hand, the resolution, dynamics, depth and complete relaxation of the soundstage makes songs such as "Go Your Own Way" and "The Chain" MUCH better on the reissue, really showcasing the interplay between McVie and Fleetwood.

    Jingles Only one other person has noticed this so far, but the version of Dreams here is entirely too fast. Does that detract from this release? John Hart Wow what can I say? It was like I had not heard this album before. The recording walks all over the CD version. Now what? I am now questioning the fidelity of all of my favorite records. Every great album should be released in this format. Floyd, Paul Simon, Steely Dan I'd go broke and be happy for it.