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Sesame is a font in the spirit of a Jugend cover: Tall Deco Another architectural font, Tall Deco suggests the glass and ironwork of modern skyscrapers. Bell Gothic was and is a highly recognizable typeface that has been used for avant garde as well as popular graphics.

Pardoes echoes De Stijl typefaces Reminiscent of De Stijl artwork of the s, such as the paintings of Piet Mondrain, Pardoes is abstract and geometric without being illegible. Agit Prop A font in the spirit of Soviet Constructivism, Agit Prop is intended to convey the graphic essence of Bolshevist agitation and propaganda. Letterheadfonts A famous type foundry with impressive vintage and retro fonts.

Houseind Probably one of the largest type foundries specializing in vintage typography. Almost all of the font images don't work I would have loved to check out some of these fonts but I just don't have time to download each one just to see if I like it. Too bad really.


Not sure why you would have any problems with the links. Yes, the images are for some reason not showing up, but the links still take you to the website where the fonts are located. I tested 6 random links myself before replying. Not sure what to do for you other than tell you to try again. If it still doesn't work, please do let us know. Noupe Editorial Team. I love this post, but unfortunately at least to me most of the links are broken. If this problem is not locally accorded to my computer, please update the links and email me so I can view them.

This resource is valuable. Thank you, Michael. Thank you for this great selection of display fonts. I made the font, he found it, he bought it for a underprice because his assistant lured me into believing it was for a independent film.. Goddammit, I sometimes hate hollywood and used it for his movie. End of story. These are too beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us! I'm really taken with the font called "nasty". Grunge is always good in my book. Thanks man! I'm looking for some old fashioned fonts that would look kinda like the old west so these will help immensely.

Fonts 1 - 5 of 5

Thank you! Awesome list of resources! Thank you for sharing. I think it was voted the best typography forum of Like I said though, it is either private or invite only. I have never seen a typography site like it with all it has to offer. Anyhow, check it out, pilo. Love this hand picked selection because these fonts aren't over used. Nice and tasteful. I'm sure a few of those will make it into some upcoming signage projects. Thanks for the resources. Thanks for the share, some interesting fonts of which i'm sure at least a few will be put to good use at some point.

Some really great fonts here which I shall definately be using in the future.

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Thanks for the this useful information. Not sure it's supposed to have anything specifically to do with Clarendon? Excellent collection! How plants create a healthier, more productive workplace. Life audit: Identifying your current level in life and career. How to stay productive on a business trip. Wood Type and Display Fonts Carnivalee Freakshow This distressed, wood-type-inspired font has the shabby charm of an old sideshow banner. It is not my desire to print many books, but such only as are books of Consequence, of intrinsic merit or established Reputation, and which the public may be pleased to see in an elegant dress, and to purchase at such a price as will repay the extraordinary care and expense that must necessarily be bestowed upon them.

A slate carved by John Baskerville in his early career offering his services carving tombstones, in blackletter, roman, script and italic. The design is similar to his typography. Fry's Baskerville showing its key features: This compares to earlier type designs such as Bembo below with a diagonal axis b , less stroke contrast d and serifs at a greater angle to the horizontal e. In addition, of course Baskerville and others of this period would not have seen their work as "transitional" but as an end in itself. Eliason provides a leading modern critique and assessment of the classification, but even in Alfred F.

Johnson called the term "vague and unsatisfactory. Unfortunately, none of his gravestones or formal calligraphy are known to survive. John Baskerville: Cambridge Univ Press. Retrieved 10 December Oxford Dictionary of National Biography. Retrieved 10 February John Baskerville, Type-Founder and Printer, Retrieved 12 February The Correspondence of Robert Dodsley: Cambridge University Press.

The Library. The History of a Typefounding Classification". Design Issues. Retrieved 30 October Type Designs.

18th Century Fonts

FontFeed archived. Archived from the original on 28 February Retrieved 2 July Bulletin of the Printing Historical Society Their roman, known today as Fry's Baskerville, was probably the work of Isaac Moore, who later became a partner in the foundry. In its larger sizes it is one of the most elegant types which have ever been cut, and it is by no means a simple derivative. The curves of the lower-case letters are flatter than Baskerville's and the serifs are slightly more tapered.

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The Printer's Grammar edition. Retrieved 16 June Fry and Son, which was begun in , and has been continued with great perseverance and assiduity, and at a very considerable expense. The plan on which they first sat out, was an improvement of the Types of the late Mr Baskerville of Birmingham, eminent for his ingenuity in this line, as also for his curious Printing, many proofs of which are extant, and much admired: But the shape of Mr. Revival Type: Digital Typefaces Inspired by the Past.

18th Century Font - Free Fonts

Yale University Press. Retrieved 28 September Stephenson Blake: New Castle, Del. Oak Knoll Press [u. British Library. Retrieved 12 August The history, topography and directory of Warwickshire: Literary Anecdotes of the Eighteenth Century;: The Golden Thread: A History of Writing. Counterpoint LLC. Cambridge Library Collection Blog. Retrieved 11 February West Midlands History.

Retrieved 13 February Bauhaus, modernism and the illustrated book. New Haven, CT: Yale Univ. A Bibliography. London [u. Printing types, their history, forms, and use; a study in survivals. Harvard University Press. The New York Times. Retrieved 22 June A History of Cambridge University Press: Volume 2, Scholarship and Commerce, A Bibliography by Philip Gaskell ". Anatomy of a Typeface 1st ed.

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The Works of Benjamin Franklin: Hillard, Gray. Retrieved 16 December An introduction to the knowledge of rare and valuable editions of the Greek and Latin classics Dibdin on the Classics. Transitional Faces: Poltroon Press. Retrieved 8 February A Bibliography of the Foulis Press 2nd ed. Winchester, Hampshire, England: St Paul's Bibliographies. Printing Historical Society Bulletin: Castleton State College. August Retrieved August 18, Monotype Recorder.

A Short History of English Printing, Library of Alexandria.

18th Century

Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science: Volume 40 - Supplement 5: CRC Press. A Catalogue. Oxford Bibliographical Society. Greek Printing Types in Britain: Art and Industry of the Enlightenment. Gerry Leonidas. Archived from the original on Retrieved 14 May Greek Font Society. Retrieved 14 October Into Print. Providence Public Library.

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